Friday, July 1, 2011

The Church of the Sacred Circle Web Store

We've dusted off our old web store and added tons of new and exciting items! The store is now available from our main site, on Facebook and on our blog.

We have added a lot of new shirts that are available in Earth-loving, soft, silky organic cotton, in sizes from men's to kids and even all the way down to infants.  There are also plenty of new styles to choose from like tank tops and baseball style raglan shirts.

Other new items to choose from include eco friendly drink options like Sigg brand and generic water bottles, a ceramic travel mug and a high quality pint glass. There are stickers, clocks, boxes and even this sweet logo pendant, one of the first times we have ever been able to offer official Church of the Sacred Circle jewelry!

Remember that everything here helps to generate operating costs for our Temple and other special projects. We don't get much, but every little bit counts, and it all adds up! Thank you for your support and your love throughout the years, and thank you all for being part of our family of the heart!