Monday, February 1, 2010

Blessed Brighid, Triple Goddess

I am the unopened bud, and I the blossom,
I am the life force gathering to a crest,
I am the companion of the silence,
I am the far flung seeker of the quest.

I am the daughter, gathering in wisdom,
I am the son whose questions never cease,
I am the dawn-light searching out glad justice,
I am the center where all souls find peace.

by Caitlin Matthews

We gathered together on the eve of the sacred fire festival of Imbolc to celebrate the midpoint of winter and look forward to the warmth and light of Spring. This year we were blessed with a huge bright full moon which expanded and intensified the energies of the Great Mother in her guise as Brighid, Triple Goddess of healing, poetry and the creative fires of smithcraft. It is not too often that the lunar and solar calendars match up, but on occasion they do, which allowed us to also host the SunStave event in conjunction with this gathering.

As is appropriate for a fire festival, we began by welcoming our Elementals, calling upon our Goddess Brighid, and then we moved outside to cast our greenery into the fire which symbolized the things we needed to leave aside to begin our spiritual "spring cleaning".

Once we had made way for new energies, we returned inside and constructed our Brighid's crosses to bring the energies and protection of the Goddess to our homes.

Finally, we were also blessed to be welcoming three new priestesses as clergy of the Church of the Sacred Circle. These ladies will serve our community as well as those in the wider community for the next year and a day, at which time they will receive their final ordination to become permanent clergy of the Church of the Sacred Circle. Rev. Pamela lead this ritual as she was called by Spirit to do so, and this was her first ordination rite. Each clergy candidate has to choose a year long project to serve the community for their trial year, and these three ladies have all chosen projects which will greatly enrich and enhance the lives of those who attend our circle.

Our Filia, shown as left to right, facing Rev. Pamela, during the taking of the Fivefold Oath.

Rev. Grayowl has chosen to serve the youth of our community through sponsoring our youth and teen group and working with our next generation. She is also working on a special project involving incarcerated teens in the wider community.

Rev. Lady Avalon Starr has chosen to serve our Initiation group in order to assist others who are entering the path of paganism and Wicca.

Rev. Demetria has chosen to facilitate our Crystal Allies Gem Club to help us learn more about our friends in the mineral realms and how they can assist us in healing and magickal workings.

Please join with us as we congratulate and welcome our newest priestesses!
Left to right: Rev. Demetria, Rev. Heron, Rev. Grayowl, Rev. Pamela and Rev. Lady Avalon Starr

“Thank you all for an amazing Ordination ceremony, I am so blessed to have so much love and family! Thank you for your acceptance to serve in the capacity of clergy for The Church of the Sacred Circle. Blessed Be , yours in Service, Lady Avalon Starr ”