Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Chart of the Temple

As we near our 1st anniversary date, I was inspired to revisit the astrological chart that we used in the dedication ritual for the creation of the Temple. Since astrology is a complex discipline, I put together a small video that allows you to virtually look over my shoulder as I discuss the chart and the various aspects that I discovered when I originally looked at the chart in March of 2007. In the video, I discuss two articles that I was reading last year regarding some of the interesting portions of the chart, they are linked here following the video.

The Aquarius Papers, Week of March 26 - April 2, 2007
The Aquarius Papers - Week of April 2-9, 2007
Flash Silvermoon - AstroFlash, April 2007

Friday, March 28, 2008

MoonCraft Full Moon Circle - March 23rd, 2008

MoonCraft Full Moon Circle
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We were greeted with a beautiful, warm and sunny day on the afternoon of our full moon circle. Friends old and new met to circle in the Druid tradition with a ritual led by Clove. We honored the Sky, Land and Sea, the three Realms and began our circle with the traditional Sacred Circle way of casting our circle, where each person takes the hand of the person standing next to them, stating their name and continuing around until we are joined, heart to heard and hand to hand. This eclectically Druidic ritual started with empowering our "eggs" for the spring growth and then we all moved outdoors to enjoy the warmth and light as we crafted our symbols of the Three Realms. Blue, green and white were woven together to remind us of the Realms so that we could take the empowerment of the waxing light with us as we travel.

Finally, we gave energy to those in need through our community healing prayer, another Sacred Circle tradition, and there were many named in circle to give energy to. We sent a special packet of love to Walt as he heals from his injury and to his beloved spouse Deleene as she supports him in his healing.

Many thanks to Clove for a peek into the Realms and for bringing your light and energy to share with the circle!