Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ordinations & Updates

Congratulations to our three new clergy members who received their permanent ordination at our February Open Circle on Sunday, Feb. 6th. 2011.

Sacred Circle Clergy Ordination

Please welcome Rev. Demetria, Rev. Lady Avalon Starr and Rev. Elena Grayowl as they continue to grow and enrich the services we can offer to our membership and the community at large!

Each clergy member has to create a year-long project for the Church as part of their beginning ordination process.

Rev. Demetria chose to create the Crystal Allies Gem & Mineral Club as her project, and midway through the year also began another project, the Paranormal Investigations group.

Rev. Elena Grayowl has been serving the group as Office of Spirit, and has also taken on an external project where she teaches and ministers to a population of incarcerated youth. She meets with them twice a month and has been teaching and leading ritual both inside their facility. She is actively seeking volunteers from the community to bring their knowledge and experience to these youth.

Rev. Lady Avalon Starr chose to share her wealth of knowledge within the domestic realm, and has been leading monthly Kitchen Witchery classes which encompass many disciplines, including herbalism, growing and preserving food and crafting kitchen spells.

As one of their first official duties as clergy, they will  be joining Rev. Heron at Pantheacon in San Jose as representatives of The Church of the Sacred Circle. They will participate in rituals, workshops, lectures and bring lots of great knowledge back to our community! This is the  first time that Sacred Circle has had an official presence at Pantheacon, and we look forward to representing our membership with honor and dignity.

Please note that MoonCraft is NOT canceled! Our Office of Water, Emeralde, will be officiating and has a very fun craft for you to participate in.

Finally, the main Church of the Sacred Circle site has been updated with a brand new look and feel, and has a nice new slideshow running right on the front page!Please check it out, let us know what you think & look for more content to be added soon!