Friday, November 20, 2009

Crystal Healing Circle

Did you know? We are changing both the name and focus of Crystal Well Circle to include healing work with crystals. We will still work with our crystal singing bowls, but from now on we will also start to learn about how to work with the energies of our crystal allies. Don't miss this unique opportunity to heal and balance your energy centers and fields.

You may wish to bring a pillow or blanket to sit or lie down on. Be aware of heavy construction around the Temple area, you may wish to approach from 3600 W. and Bangerter or from 4100 South and 3200 West.

Friday, Nov. 20th
7:30 pm

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2010 Calendar now available for ordering!

Featuring over 150 photos of the rituals, ceremonies and parties that we've enjoyed together over the past year or so, this 11" x 17" full color calendar also lists the time and date of the solar and lunar holidays in our time zone.

Each month contains a themed collage of photos relevant to the month and is supplemented by several smaller photos in the calendar portion. The calendar also shows the Open Circle and MoonCraft dates, the date and time of the full and new moons, the dates of the sabbats, solstices and equinox times and also the start and end dates of the Mercury Retrogrades. Each month also has a poem, prayer or blessing related to the month at the top of the calendar page.

You can preview the entire calendar here, it is a small preview, sorry.

A sample of the calendar will be available at the next several events for you to see. Orders are due no later than 12/13 and may be paid for in person at the Temple via cash or check.

The calendar price is $25 each.

Please note that $20 goes directly to MyCanvas for the production of the calendar, Sacred Circle will only receive $2-3 per calendar after shipping costs. This is not a fundraiser for the church, it is a memento of our time together.

Note: Updated on 12/2 to reflect the current information.

Calendars are expected to be delivered some time before January 1, 2010.