Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mooncraft Full Moon Circle

Mooncraft Full Moon Circle
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Artemis was in the East, Gaia and Lugh guarded the center and the altars were set up in a beautiful circle in the cool shade of the lovely old cherry tree as Sacred Circle celebrated the MoonCraft of May 2008.

Long-time Board member Ed brought his vision of creating the sacred tool of Air (or Fire, depending on your tradition) - the wand - to the MoonCraft cir

He prepared for the circle by collecting deadwood from trees near the rivers of the Salt Lake valley, and brought decorations both sacred and colorful to the circle.

We cast our circle and then selected our branches, and created our wands, with some participating in sociable chatter, and others concentrating with silent thought and prayer. The children loved the colorful beads and yarns, and some adults did as well!

The afternoon passed without notice as we were lost in the delight of creation, and before we knew it, it was time to empower our creations and then partake in libations.

Our traditional community healing circle finished the ritual activities as healing thoughts, prayers and energy were sent out to those in need.

The circle was released, and then announcements were made. Social time continued around the circle as friends old and new drifted away to return another day to the Temple.