Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Celia in Concert

In January, we were treated to a wonderful house concert by the Pagan artist/singer Celia. It ended up being a house concert because on the evening of the show, it was so cold outside that our propane tanks were literally frozen, and we could not heat the temple. So we crammed everyone into the living room, the hallway and the kitchen for a delightful evening of song and performance.

I must confess that prior to her concert, I had only heard of Celia through her association with the Veteran Pentacle Quest project and her song "Symbol", so I was amazed and honored to get to know Celia through her creative songs and performances, hypnotic and warm voice, and beautiful, loving personality.

I was held spellbound, along with the rest of the audience, on that frozen January evening. We invited her to return during warmer months, so that we could enjoy her performance under more pleasant outdoor conditions, I am happy to report that she didn't hold the cold weather against us, and has agreed to come out and perform once again, this time on the same date as our Annual Meeting and Summer Picnic date.

So, it is with great joy that we welcome Celia once again to the Temple, and to let you know that if you missed her in January, you should make it a priority to come and experience her performance. She is truly a gifted individual, an Everyday Goddess, and we are honored to once again witness her inspiring, provocative, amusing and heartfelt show.