Friday, June 19, 2009

June Open Circle - Summer Solstice!

Sun chimeThis month we are blessed to have our Open Circle ceremony for June fall squarely on the day of the Summer Solstice! Coincidentally, this is also the day of Father's Day!

This great synchronicity gives us the chance to honor the God energy of the summer solstice and the energies of the Fathers in our lives, all at once! Please join us for this special ritual to honor the male divine. Please bring a snack or potluck item to share, we will feast prior to starting our Circle. Bringing your own drums, camp chairs and eating utensils will help make this event a fun and celebratory time for all!

Please note that for this event only, our normal circle starting time of 3 pm has been changed to 6 pm! There is some road construction going on near the temple, you may wish to find an alternate route.

Open Circle
Sunday, June 21st
6 pm

You may also wish to attend the SunStave Summer Solstice event happening on Saturday night!


SING to Apollo, god of day,
Whose golden beams with morning play,
And make her eyes as brightly shine,
Aurora's face is called divine ;
Sing to Phoebus and that throne
Of diamonds which he sits upon.
Io pæans let us sing
To physic's and to poesy's king !

Crown all his altars with bright fire,
Laurels bind about his lyre,
A Daphnean coronet for his head,
The Muses dance about his bed ;
When on his ravishing lute he plays,
Strew his temple round with bays.
Io pæans let us sing
To the glittering Delian king !

from the play Midas, pub. 1592; acted 1590.