Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rev. Pamela's Ordination

New Clergy for Sacred Circle!

On Sunday, Feb. 3rd 2008, Rev. Pamela was ordained as a Filia (Daughter of the Church) and formally began her year and a day of training and service in preparation for her role as Clergy for the members of the Church of the Sacred Circle. As one of the original Board members of Sacred Circle, Pamela recently returned to the Board of Directors after a long hiatus, and now has committed to the service of the Goddess and God and the members of the Church through her ordination.

Members of Sacred Circle have come to know Rev. Pamela through her leadership in rituals and circles, as well as through her workshops on love and receiving guidance from spirit. I personally have known her for many years through her participation in the many events not only in Sacred Circle but in other groups such as Spiral Scouts, and I have only the deepest admiration and love for her as a friend, and I was very honored to be the one to perform her ordination ceremony. She has an immediate and deep connection to her guides, and has been a very popular reader at our psychic fairs, with individuals waiting for hours to speak with her and her guides about their questions.

We welcome Rev. Pamela to her new role in the church, and hope that she will gain as much from the experience as I know that we will! You can reach Rev. Pamela through her email address at