Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring News

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day greetings to all the mothers, sisters, wives, grandmothers, aunties and best friends out there, and most importantly, thanks to the Great Mother, our Earth for Her sustenance of our bodies and spirits! This Mother's Day, make sure to give thanks to the Great Goddess for her love and abundance, as well as thanking the women who have helped to nurture you in your life.

Psychic Faires

In April, we had two very successful and fun Psychic Psychic Faire BoothFaires! Our Spring Fling Psychic Faire was wonderful, despite the drizzly spring weather, and we had a great time at Earth Jam in our booth. The good news is that if you missed us in April, we will be in Liberty Park again this weekend, Saturday, May 12th to participate in the  UNITESLC festival! Look for our festival booth with the Psychic Fair banner! Even better, we are now set up with a Square account, so we can accept debit and credit cards for donations! We have been very impressed with our neat little Square and we hope you will be too!

Spell Kits

Love Spell Kit
Spell Kits are back! Each kit was created with a specially formulated set of organic herbal ingredients, chosen to resonate with the energies of love or prosperity. The kits were crafted entirely within the Temple and were made on the day of the full moon. The crafting was guided by our Priestesses and were created with magick and intention. These popular, magical and delicious smelling kits will be available at the Psychic Faire, at any Temple event and now you can order them online too!

Temple Improvements

If you haven't visited the Temple for a while, you're going to be wowed with all the changes that have come about this Spring! The Temple's 5th Anniversary was on this past April 1st, and in celebration we have been on a fixing-up spree like no other! From interior renovations to a brand new gravel path, you won't believ
e your eyes! Inside the Temple, we have added a  fabric covering to the roof and enhanced the decorations with draperies in the Elemental colors. Much gratitude and thanks go out to all the hard working, dedicated people who made this all possible!

The crown jewel of our recent renovations is a massive tawny
New Firepit Being Delivered sandstone boulder fire pit set in a gravel area surrounded with five large bench boulders. We look forward to sharing many years of laughter and stories around the light of this gorgeous piece of our Mother Earth. The firepit was formally dedicated during our MoonCraft full moon circle of May 5th. If you can't travel to see our Temple in person, you can take a look at our Facebook page and our Temple Improvements photo album.


Community Yard Sale Fundraiser - We will be having a multi-family Yard Sale on Saturday, May 19th. If you have items that you would like to donate for the Yard Sale, you may drop them by the Temple at any time prior to the Yard Sale. If you would like to help with the Yard Sale, our sale coordinator, Jen is accepting any and all help! You can email her at

Lending Library - We are also accepting donations of pagan, wiccan, magickal or occult themed books for our lending library.

Family Campout in July - If you would like to attend the campout with your family, please contact Heron at to RSVP for your space.

Upcoming Events

Mini Psychic Faire - Saturday, May 12th 11 am - 7 pm
Liberty Park, Salt Lake City

Teen Grove - Tuesday, May 15th - 7 pm
The Sacred Circle Temple - 3464 W. 3800 S.

Community Yard Sale Fundraiser - Sat. May 19th  - 9am - 2 pm
The Sacred Circle Temple - 3464 W. 3800 S.

Astrology Cafe - Friday, May 18th - 7 pm
The Sacred Circle Temple - 3464 W. 3800 S.

Open Circle - Sunday, May 20th - 3 pm
The Sacred Circle Temple - 3464 W. 3800 S.

MoonCraft - Sunday, June 3 - 3 pm
The Sacred Circle Temple - 3464 W. 3800 S.

Did you know? An annular solar eclipse will pass right over Southern Utah on May 20!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you to President Obama for personally affirming the civil right of marriage for all Americans.