Monday, April 4, 2011

Memory of an Elephant UPDATE

The latest news about this suggests that Bob Parsons killed a young female elephant, not a "bull in musth" as he previously claimed.We are in the final phases of moving our GoDaddy accounts to our new hosting provider and domain registrar, which are and, respectively.

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In a widely circulated video last week, billionaire GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons brags about shooting a bull "problem elephant" in Zimbabwe, but one of the world's leading elephant experts has told Discovery News that the animal was likely a young female.

During the video, Parsons is shown shooting the elephant and then smiling while casually leaning against its dead body, gun resting on the animal's head.

"The 'bull' that GoDaddy CEO, Mr. Bob Parsons, brags about appears to be a young female," said Joyce Poole, an elephant researcher and conservationist who has studied the animals for over 30 years. Poole first worked at Amboseli National Park under the mentorship of elephant expert Cynthia Moss and is now director of research and conservation at ElephantVoices.

"The video is low resolution, but the elephant's very slender tusks and the lack of male genitalia, which would have been visible, leave me with little doubt," Poole said. "Was Mr. Parsons so ignorant that he was not able to sex the elephant he killed, or was his claim that the elephant was a bull just one more example of his macho arrogance and misjudgment?"

"The fact that he put out his video for the whole world to see shows both," she added.

The video suggests this is Parsons' second year of killing elephants in Africa. He portrays himself as a hero, ridding villagers of "aggressive" bull elephants that raid their sorghum crops.

Elephant specialists, however, believe that such hunters are actually putting villagers and others who encounter the pachyderms in more danger.

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