Monday, March 3, 2008

MoonCraft - Love Potion No. 9

For our February full moon circle, we went a little South with our working and learned how to make a "love potion" bath in the Candomble or Voudoun style. We honored Oshun, the goddess of the rivers and sweet waters as the Goddess of Love, for she is the Orisha of unconditional love.
We also made offerings to her Consort and husband, the God Shango for his fire and passion.

We blended many herbal ingredients and even some unusual ones such as cocoa powder into a sweet-smelling potion and the people in circle were given instruction on how to use the bath properly.

Finally, we danced and chanted to the drum and sang for both Oshun and Shango to empower our "love potion". I will be interested to hear about everyone's experiences from this powerful working!