Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Newsletter

Spring has arrived in Utah, and in celebration, here is our newsletter! Read on to find out more about what's happening at the Church of the Sacred Circle and in the wider world!

Happy Anniversary to our Temple! 

Yesterday, April 1st, marked the 7th Anniversary of the creation of our Temple space! We are so grateful to have this gorgeous space to call our own and to offer to the community.

We have a lot going on here, so if you haven't yet been around to check it out, please do attend one of our many upcoming events. You'll find a list of events at the end of the newsletter.

Spring Astrology Update

There is plenty going in in the sky this month, so we will start with the first one. On Tuesday, April 15th, we will see the first of four lunar eclipses that are part of a set known as a "tetrad". These four eclipses, occurring in 2014 & 2015 will all be visible in part or in full from the United States. Check out this link for all the astronomical data

This full Pink moon eclipse will be happening in the sign of Libra, and it is just the first bump in the road for April. Lunar eclipses tend to bring up things from our subconscious that haven't seen the light of day for, well, many moons! Be aware that it can be a little uncomfortable to reveal things about yourself that maybe you are not even fully cognizant of, but whatever happens, it needs to come up and be dealt with. Libra is concerned with balance and harmony, so if you are out of balance, stressed out, or needing a nudge in the right direction, this eclipse could do a lot to push you to correct whatever is wrong. Lunar eclipses are also traditionally about things coming to fullness or completion, so whatever karmic harvests the Universe may have in store for you, you might see that as well. If you have put something in motion, particularly if it is governed by the forces of Libra, you might see the end of it very soon! Astrologer Susan Miller says that these April eclipses are governed by the "angry" cardinal cross formation, but I see it as less angry than stern. You won't be fooling anyone during the three days surrounding the full moon eclipse, so adopt a pose of "honesty is the best policy" and you'll fare much better. You can get your specific sun sign forecast for April from Susan (and I highly recommend that you do) by going to the link here Susan Miller's Guide to Surviving Eclipses and clicking through the pages to find your sun sign forecast.

Next up - the 2014 Grand Cross which I wrote about in my last blog post. The planets Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto will all be within 1 degree of exact formation during the days of April 20-24th - and note that this configuration is exact both five days after the lunar eclipse and five days before the solar eclipse. It is powerful stuff! As noted then - no planetary configuration is either harmful or helpful.  It all depends on how each of us responds to the energies at play. This Grand Cross puts us literally at a crossroads, a decision point, and how we respond to it is up to us. Where will we go? Which road will we take? These four days will be a critical time for our year ahead, no matter what else goes on. So make sure to take some time to acknowledge this, and don't forget to breathe. By the end of May, this configuration will have eased off significantly, so if you are having a tough time of it, remember that the end is in sight. 

Finally,  the solar eclipse of April 29th in the sign of Taurus will bring us an opportunity to make a positive change and to allow us to plant the seeds of future growth. All eclipses bring about major changes, but solar ones tend to affect us a bit more strongly than lunar ones. To put it another way, lunar eclipses tend to focus us more on our inner selves and how we feel about things, whereas solar eclipses move us to action on an external plane. The realm of Taurus is the earthy, green and growing forest, and relates to all things in our material plane. So this is a good time for a move, to acquire land, to plant our gardens, both physically and metaphorically. Whatever secrets have been revealed by the lunar eclipse, and whatever decisions we make during the Grand Cross formation, the Taurus solar eclipse then gives us fertile soil to make those changes grow and thrive!

The Amazon Smile Program

Speaking of growth, we are very happy to announce that we are part of the Amazon Smile! program. This program will allow us to receive donations from Amazon, every time you shop on their website! If you shop on Amazon, you can choose The Church of the Sacred Circle as your designated charity, and then we will get a quarterly donation from Amazon, based on how much you spend with them! This program is exciting because it is implemented at NO cost to you! Find out more about this wonderful donation program and how to sign up for it on our Amazon Smile page. Or you can start giving right away by simply updating your preferences on the Amazon website.

Spring Psychic Faires

In case you want even more information about your future, we have two upcoming Psychic Faires for you!

Psychic Tent at Earth Jam 
Come out and see us at Earth Jam! We will have our normal setup and will be offering readings throughout the day on Saturday. These readings are being offered for a minimum suggested donation of $5, so it is a great way to get a quick check on what is happening with your energy. 

Saturday, April 26th - 11 am - sundown
Liberty Park, Salt Lake City

Rites of Spring Psychic Faire

Saturday, May 17th - 3-9 pm  
The Sacred Circle Temple
3464 W. 3800 South, SLC

Enjoy the growing green energies of Springtime and explore the mysteries of the unknown at The Church of the Sacred Circle's Rites of Spring Psychic Faire.

Join with our energetic healers, Reiki masters, mediums and readers for an afternoon of awareness and awakening! Bring your aura to be massaged and cleansed, bring your questions, bring your thirst for knowledge, bring your friends!

Our Rites of Spring Psychic Faire hosts everything from healers to vendors to mediums and card readers. Get a Tarot card or Oracle reading, get a birth chart done, and ask your guides what's up in your future!

NEW for this year - 10 minute crystal bowl aura cleansing session!

Free entrance, readings are a $15 donation.

Readers & Vendors please contact Avalon at 801.661.1710 for more info.

Special Events & Announcements


 Mead Making Workshop & Drum Circle - On Saturday, June 28th we will host a special Mead Making workshop with our own very talented Mead master, Ed. The workshop will start at 3 pm and is a free event to show you how to get started with making your own mead. Following the workshop, we will have a potluck barbecue dinner and then a drum circle around the campfire to round off the evening! Please bring a dish to share for the potluck and your own seating (camp chairs) and any beverages you may wish to consume. 

Family Campout Time!  Our annual Family Campout will be held over the 4th of July weekend this year. Get up in the mountains and out of the haze of fireworks for some time in nature! This campout will be held in Big Cottonwood Canyon this year to enable people to pop in for the day if they do not want to camp overnight. We will go up on Friday, the 4th and return on Sunday afternoon. Watch for a Facebook or Meetup RSVP link as we get closer to the date.

We need you! - Want to know more about how Sacred Circle works? Would you like to be involved in our day to day operations and make a difference in our community? We are looking for a couple of very talented and motivated people to help out in the following areas: 

Office of Air - Takes meeting notes, sends out agendas, acts as a secretary to the group. Requires good skills with email, text and communications.

Office of Fire - Organizes events, activities, volunteers, and generally helps put on our biggest events such as the Psychic Faires. Requires great people skills and organizational talents. 

Let us know if you would like to be considered for either of these positions by emailing us at info () sacredcirclechurch dot com or through our Facebook page.

Ongoing Events


MoonCraft Full Moons

Open Circle

Sunday, June 29th - 3 pm - SLC

Divination & Intuitive Oracles 

Friday, June 20 - 7 pm  - SLC

Charmed Goddesses

Sunday, April 20 - 3 pm - South (Orem)
Sunday, May 18 - 3 pm - South (Orem)
Sunday, June 22- 3 pm - South (Orem)